For $8 per pick-up, Rose City Compost (RCC) will provide you a bucket for kitchen scraps collection which will be picked up bi-weekly via bicycle. Kitchen scraps like fruit and vegetable scraps, soiled paper products, coffee grounds, tea bags and more! When it’s pick-up day, just leave the bucket on your front porch or another agreed upon place. RCC will ride by, collect your kitchen scraps, pedal them away to a nearby composting site, and leave you with a clean bucket.

PLEASE NOTE: At this time Rose City Compost is only able to pick up from Richmond City residents. If you live outside city limits, feel free to contact Sean and he will be in touch when this pick-up service is able to be expanded.

What does Rose City Compost do with the finished compost?

Once or twice a year RCC will divide up the finished compost and deliver it to the customers who would like to use compost for their garden, lawn, etc. After that is taken out, RCC will donate the rest of the compost to local community gardens, gardeners, farmers, or anyone else who could use it.

What can I put in my collection bucket?

Probably more than you think! This is current guide for what to put in the bucket and what not to. This may change at a later date, but because of RCC’s current set-up this is all that can be accepted at this time. 

How do I sign up?

Click here and get ready to start diverting your kitchen scraps!

Office / Restaurant

We will visit your office or restaurant to asses your organic scrap collection needs, purpose a monthly cost, and outfit you with receptacles to do the job. For inquiries please contact Sean Andreas to find out more.

Other Composting Opportunities

Here at Rose City Compost we are passionate about helping people divert their food waste from the landfill. If you would like to have RCC come to give a presentation about composting and how it can greatly benefit our community please feel free to contact Sean Andreas for more information.