Questions & Answers

Doesn’t the city pick up my food waste as part of the standard trash service? Why should I compost?

Composting is the most environmentally friendly method of disposing of food waste.  Organic material that does end up in landfills breaks down releasing methane.  Methane emissions from landfills are a leading contributor to climate change.  Composting your food waste will produce a useful product that is an extremely productive all natural fertilizer. Many of our customers report that they are dramatically reducing their trash!

Do I have to be home for the pickup or when will my pickup be?

Pickups are currently on Saturdays and Sundays.  You put your bin outside your house or apartment by 8AM on the pickup day.  We will bike away your food waste, leaving a clean, empty container.

Composting sounds great!  What can I compost?

Residential customers should refer to The GuideIf you have questions about something not on the list, you can email or call us. 

I only have a little bit of space.  How big is the collection container?

Our standard collection container is 5 gallons in volume.  It has a lid that seals but, with time, is fairly easy to take on and off.  If this container will not work for your space, contact us and we may be able to work something out. 

Do I have to make a long-term commitment?

Absolutely not!  We offer the service on a month-to-month basis.  You are welcome to cancel at any time.  However, we find that it works so well for most people that they stick with it as long as they live in Richmond. We also offer discounts (for bi-weekly pickups only) if you sign up for 6 (5% off) or 12 (10% off) months at a time.

I don’t produce a lot of food waste.  Can I share a container with a neighbor?

Of course.  If you and your neighbor don’t produce a lot of food waste and want to share a container, go for it. The pick up location needs to be the same every time so you and your neighbor need to decide who gets to house the container.

I want to do this but I really want the finished compost to use in my garden.  Can you guys hook me up? 

Yes!  When we have finished compost we will return a portion of that to our customers who would like some.  If you do not want a portion of the compost we will donate it to local community gardens, farmers, or gardeners so that it can be put to use.

What about location? Are there places you won’t go?

You have to live in Richmond.  At this time we don’t offer service outside city limits.