Food scraps are not limited to households.  Rose City Compost offers commercial services to keep as many food scraps from being wasted in a landfill.  We offer standard pricing for up to four 5 gallon buckets per week pick up.  If you need more than four buckets or multiple pickups per week you can contact us and we will schedule a consultation for custom pricing to accommodate your specific needs. You can choose from one of these options on our Sign Up page.

One 5 gallon bucket every-other-week pickup $16/month
One 5 gallon bucket per week pickup $30/month
Two 5 gallon buckets per week pickup $56/month
Three 5 gallon buckets per week pickup $78/month
Four 5 gallon buckets per week pickup $96/month

What can I put in my collection bucket?

Probably more than you think! This is current guide for what to put in the bucket and what not to. This may change at a later date, but because of RCC’s current set-up this is all that can be accepted at this time.